"I sent for two jars of Topricin on the advice of my physician. I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am with your product. I had injured my knee and found walking very painful. I am due for surgery. After the first few applications of your pain rub, I was sleeping better and walking better, and able to return to my nursing job two days a week. I can't praise your product enough." 

Anne M. T

"Thanks a million for introducing me to Topricin. My mother who is up in years (88) and suffering from arthritis and in constant pain used this cream and it has been like a miracle....It is without reservation that I recommend this product." 

Ahmed D, Ph.D 

I have never seen one product work so quickly and so well, even being able to compare it to the results that I've had using 10% Hydrocortisone Cream with ultrasound. The physical therapists that have been involved in care of my patients have been equally impressed." 

Christopher M, M.D. 

"The pain and discomfort was so bad, I was seriously considering having to quit my job, because it required me to be on my feet six hours a day. Because of the pain, sleep seemed hopeless on most nights, I would toss and turn all night and awake more tired than I had been when I went to bed. I feared a dreary existence because I was in so much pain and tired all of the time, I would snap at people. It appeared that there was no hope or relief for the pain. I tried all the store products to relieve it, even sleep aided relievers. All of them eventually failed me...Thanks to you and my daughter, for introducing Topricin to me, I have a new chapter in my life to live. I awake raring to go and fully rested. I have regained my sense of humor and I am told I am a pleasant person again.. Even my little grandson noticed! Now I can climb the stairs and go out and enjoy myself, something I thought I never would be able to do again. Thanks, Dale for helping me get back to participating in life. I hope this story will help others suffering like I was, to try this wonderful product. As you say, the only thing you have to lose is the pain." 

Arleen Y. H 

"I have been using Topricin on many of the veterans here...who have musculoskeletal injuries with surprisingly excellent results. Approximately 80% of veterans I see for a follow-up visit tell me that "that stuff really works," my pain is almost gone"...and they want another jar of Topricin!" 

Dennis B, Physical Therapist - VA Med Center 

"Three years ago I broke my left leg and my right foot in a spectacular fashion leaving me with 2 huge plates and eighteen bolts. I spent 8 months in a wheelchair and 6 on a walker. The operation left me with severe peripheral neuropathy. The first year was amazingly painful. The painkillers that were used to treat neuropathy reacted badly on me and the drugs themselves were heavy ones with serious potential side effects. I was determined to regain my mobility so I did not give up trying to walk and spent a lot of time in Physiotherapy. The pain in my legs after exercising was excruciating and sometimes I'd manage to fall asleep only after wrapping icepacks around my feet and legs. By accident while leafing through a catalog I found Topricin and ordered a 4 oz jar. I had tried everything else and although I've never been into homeopathies, I'm open minded so I thought I'd it was worth a try. As it turned out, it changed my life. I felt relief from the first time I put it on. This was 2 years ago. I use Topricin at least 4 times a day every day and because I use it so frequently and have so much less pain, I have been able to build up my leg and my ankle and become closer to the active person I always used to be. I can walk a mile now and I suspect by next year I'll be walking 3 miles. While I know that determination is the biggest reason I have gotten this far, I also know that the job has been made a thousand times easier since I found Topricin and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. Topical Biomedics deserves accolades for this product and it gives me great pleasure to have written this testimonial. Many Thanks Topricin!" 

Kate L - Sydney, Australia 

"Dear Folks, I have never written to a company about a product before but I've never been so impressed by one before. I am 66 years of age. Don't look it, don't feel it, except for my knee. I was hit by a train, yep it's true. I lived to tell about it! I have suffered for years trying any and everything to relieve the pain. Nothing worked. If I took something strong enough to ease the pain I could not work or drive. I found Topricin at my pharmacy about amonth ago. The first time I used it I was so amazed, the pain almost immediately stopped. I kept thinking the pain was going to come back any minute. 4 hours later I was still pain free. I don't understand it but when the pain comes back it's not ever as bad as it was before using Topricin. I will never be without it! It has changed my life. I know it sounds like it can't be real. All I know is that it works for me. I think it's wonderful." 

Pat C 

"WOW !!! Your product is wonderful. For close to a month my lower back/Sciatica was so painful that just putting on my socks was an ordeal. I could not get out of bed in the morning and struggled to put in a full day of work. My doctor prescribed powerful anti-inflammatory drugs as well as a muscle relaxant. These drugs dulled the pain but did not fix the problem. The groggy side effects of these drugs wassomething I did not chose to live with. I found your product at my local Wegman's and thought "Can't hurt". In 3 applications, the pain, swelling and stiffness was gone. Today I got right out of bed,(without rolling to the floor first),put on my socks and went about my daily routine. Thank you for Topricin CTS !! I will never be without this wonderful product. Thank you so much." 

Paula C 

"I discovered this product while my wife was pregnant, this was the ONLY product of its kind that she could use and be okay for the baby, and it is the ONLY product that took my wife's aches and pains away. So we started introducing our friends to this product. We know someone who has chronic arthritis and someone with fibromyalgia and it has helped her pains TERMENDOUSLY! It is also the only product that can stop my wife's sinus migraines, and she has tried so many other things for it. We LOVE your product, it saved my wife considerable amounts of pain through a ROUGH pregnancy. Thank you!! I really hope your product files off the shelves. We will continue to tell everyone we know about this stuff...it's a life saver in a bottle!" 

Michael S 

Mr. Paradise
"The purpose of this letter is to acknowledge and express my high regard and appreciation for your product, Topricin. When used as directed, this anti-inflammatory and pain relief cream produces extraordinary results." "Its homeopathic ingredients have no side effects and are second-to-none. Upon first use, it is evident that other over-the-counter remedies do not have the same healing benefits that Topricin has. Because of its unique delivery system, Topricin effectively quells nerve pain, muscle spasms and low back pain." "I have recommended the use of Topricin, without reservation, to numerous allied health professionals, such as physicians, nurses, chiropractors and physical therapists. Not surprisingly, our local health food store has difficulty maintaining a sufficient supply of Topricin on their shelves due to its populartiy and efficacy." "As for my personal use of Topricin, the benefits cannot be overstated; it is the most remarkable topical cream I have ever used." "Lastly, as a professor of health education, I must advise that one should never substitute the use of any product over consulting a physician, especially in the case of serious injuries and disorders that require medical supervision." 

Joh J, Ph.D.
Professor of Health Education