Topricin iOS App - Top Track - Track and Manage Your Pain with TopTrack by Topricin


Get Back on Track and Experience In-Hand Healing with the Free Topricin TopTrack App Available Now in Apple iTunes Store

Top Track Highlights

  • Track and manage one or multiple pain points from stiffness, tingling or burning nerve pain associated with conditions such as Fibro, Back Pain, Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and Sports injuries 
  • Get useful guidelines when you suffer an injury
  • Capture pain patterns and trends to share with your doctor, pharmacist, or practitioners at your next appointment
  • Learn how to tailor Topricin Pain Relief and Healing Cream to your specific lifestyle and physical needs
  • Gain access to The Topricin Health and Wellness Library, complete with lifestyle articles and tips
  • Attain Special Promotions and Discounts available only to App users

The TopTrack - Your Virtual Healer, Offering Personalized Pain Relief and Healing

How to Track: 

1.Download App @ Apple itunes

2.For previous Topricin users with online accounts, login to the app with your online Topricin account password

3.New to Topricin? Download and sign in with your email address

4.Get Rewards!: Track for 30 days and users will receive a free gift of Topricin 

Questions? Call Topricin Tech @ 800-871-4900 or


*available only on IOS devices